Rotary V / VS
Rotary V/VS

Experience the Rotary V/VS

The rotary model combines the robust construction of the ELB-column with a precision rotary table. The resulting machine concept provides convincing results in precision and productivity.

On the rotary V machines, the grinding spindle is arranged vertically. This arrangement enables the machine to perform ID and OD grinding tasks. This model is especially suited for high-precision grinding applications of rotation-symmetrical work pieces.

Rotary V

  • V 6/8 with Microgranit machine base
  • V 10/12 use heavy gusseted welded steel construction
  • Table on 6/8 can be swiveled for chamfer grinding (option)
  • Compact design

Rotary VS

  • Machine base with X axis
  • Table mounted single grain diamond and roll dressing units available
  • Optional automatic wheel changer

Benefit Overview

  • ID, OD and face machining, optional cone machining
  • Flexible spindle arrangement
  • High long-term precision
  • Precision rotary table
  • Option to use rotary table as B-axis
  • Robust design




Grinding Diameter (mm)


Grinding Height (mm)


Spindle motor (kW)

23.1 at max. 7,000 / 30 at max. 16,000

Spindle cone (mm)

HSK 63

HSK 80

Wheel size (mm)



* work piece dependent